Cats meow. Cars are hard. Books are great.

It has been an insanely weird but ultimately amazing week in Catventures. Here are 5 reasons why

1. I had a conversation early on in the week that drained me. And then knocked some sense into me. And then freed me.

It made me realize that I am a crossroads in my life. I am under no obligation to make room for anyone or anything that doesn’t enhance it. The only people and things that get to have a say in my life are the people and things that I decide to keep there.

Listen friends: if somebody doesn’t care about your well-being—then they don’t deserve a slot in your life. If you’ve been doing something for years that’s keeping you trapped—free yourself. If this means giving up TV or alcohol or even quitting the job that makes you miserable—do it. Surround yourself with people who love and care about your well being. Life is too short to be half-lived. You only live once. Make it count.

2. I had to put on my big-girl-panties and do the one thing that scares us all the most: Swallow my pride and admit my wrong.

I am responsible for me and me only. If I messed up—then I messed up. If they messed up—I still messed up. I’m not responsible for the wrongs of anyone else. Nor should somebody’s lack of an apology stop me from mine.

This goes for y'all too. If you messed up--own up to it. Forgiving someone doesn’t free them from your wrath. It frees you from bitterness you've been harboring.

3. Carter and I rescued a kitten.

We got home after a fairly tedious rehearsal on Thursday only to hear lots of meowing and find a baby kitten hiding in the bushes outside our apt. After debating about what to do we determined that she wouldn’t survive the night if we didn’t take her in (we live in a wooded area. Foxes, Coyotes, etc.)

​So after doing a tango trying to get her to the Humane Society, we end up doing so right before lunch on Friday. (Side note, if any of you live near Greenville, SC and want a precious black kitten—she’s at the animal care center and wants to join your family)

So okay we rescued a kitten. We feel pretty happy about the trajectory of the day. It’s almost exactly 1pm so we get a call from Graham (technical director—our boss) to go meet them for lunch at this Indian place. We park our car... We start walking to the restaurant...

4. We got hit by a car


You did, in fact, read that correctly.

The driver didn’t check the crosswalk as he started to turn. Knocked into Carter’s hip and scooted my legs out from under me. I plopped onto the hood of the car briefly and rolled off onto the ground when he slammed his breaks. Got up laughing hysterically because of a mixture of relief and adrenaline. I’m sure everyone around thought I was nuts. Also—thank goodness for years of being a klutz for teaching me how to fall properly.

We’re completely fine. I feel more bad for the driver than us—he was incredibly frantic with worry.​

But aaaannnyyywaaayyyyy. We still met people at the Indian food place. And I was laughing at the absurdity of the claim “we just got hit by a car” all throughout lunch.

Last but not least--Saturday. Saturday was amazing. On Saturday I...

5. Ate good food, skimmed old books, shopped antiques, met other runners, drank craft beer, had a long conversation with a stranger, shared life stories, read to children, went headless bowling, drank butterbeer at a bookstore, and found another cat.

Carter and I went to Travelers Rest where we were supposed to meet some people for Brunch who ended up bailing. But we ate some crepes and wandered the town for a bit. Had a long conversation with a stranger at the Swamp Rabbit brewery.

Later in the evening, we met up with a bunch of friends from the theatre and read excerpts of Harry Potter to children at the Barnes and Noble midnight release party for “The Cursed Child.”

Any week that ends with reading to children is a good week. Regardless of whatever weirdness came before. This world could use a little more magic.

Also there was another cat at our door upon returning to the apartment tonight...

Rescuing one cat a week is enough for me.

As is getting hit by a car, eating my words, freeing myself from negative situations, surviving the obligatory “rehearsal of ultimate tedium.” (there’s one for every show), having a long conversation with a stranger, and getting a new Harry Potter book.

I’m gonna sleep well tonight.

All was well.


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